Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Transformation, One Delicious Dessert at a Time...Progress on the Path!

Organic Pumpkin Hand Pie ~ no refined sugar & delicious!

The annual Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival is one of the biggest events on the West Coast - over 200,000 attendees come to celebrate all things pumpkin.

Festival 2012 - when I strolled the streets last year looking for something I could eat without sugar - there was not one thing - except a great organic pumpkin soup at Cafe Chez Shea on Main Street. I spoke to Chef Alfredo and encouraged him to make pumpkin pie for the next Festival without sugar.

Festival 2013 --  not only did Chef Alfredo make his delicious pumpkin pie this year without sugar - I enrolled the only other organic cafe on Main Street, Local FATT and Chef Kevin Koebel to do the same - both of their pies were sell-out successes - and I had a booth on Main Street two blocks from the Food Court as a health coach and educator -  selling nothing - but my enthusiasm to educate the public about the fabulous array of delicious alternative sweeteners that can replace refined sugar in any recipe. The public loved it. We reached, literally thousands of people.

Pumpkin Lovers Unite rolls on!
A project of Visionary Green, a Marin County Green Certified 501 (c) 3 Non Profit

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Fest 2013 Was Fantastic!

HI Pumpkin loving friends! 

Over 200,000 of us came out to celebrate the Great Pumpkin Fest in Half Moon Bay this past weekend. Isn't it amazing that 200,000 people come out to celebrate a vegetable? It is really amusing yet wonderful when you think about it. The grand weigh-off winning pumpkin was 1,900 something pounds, larger than last year's winner at 1,800 something pounds. This one featured above is a beautiful ceramic mosaic art piece that is over 1,000 pounds itself - and I'm flashing my new, first edition "Pumpkin Lovers Unite" organic t-shirt.  You too can be the first to spread pumpkin love!

The ambiance of enjoyment filled the air, people just LOVE the Festival, and were having great fun all around. The diversity was great, people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, out enjoying all things pumpkin, strolling the street amusements, art and crafts, food and drink - Hallelujah for the harmonizing effect of pumpkin - it's true - "pumpkin lovers unite" from around the world. 
It's so great to see this many people just out enjoying the simple things of life.

People were pleasant, mellow, friendly - helping take cute pictures of each other clambering over pumpkins, being polite and helpful to each other - pumpkin really IS a mood optimizer! 

Have great pics and more to share asap - will import great pics to share with you - and will be expanding the Cafe Press store selections very soon too, and the first Pumpkin Gazette newsletter via email will be out by Halloween. Be sure to sign up and check back this weekend! xoxo Kimberly

Friday, October 18, 2013

Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA Before Pumpkin Fest 2013

200,000 festive people will be crowding Main Street to celebrate all things pumpkin tomorrow in this small coastal California town. Come look for the Pumpkin Queen (me) with attending Pumpkin Princesses (Camille and Julia) this weekend 9-5 at 703 Main Street at Local FATT, the organic farmers collective and organic Cafe with THE best homemade organic veggie burgers & frites in town!

 We'll have a beautiful display of dozens of delicious natural sweeteners and alternatives to refined sugar to use in holiday cooking and baking and be there to answer questions and demonstrate how to use them. Come early to park and enjoy the day - the weather is expected to be  glorious warm and sunny! Be sure to look for possibly the ONLY organic Pumpkin Pie naturally sweetened at Cafe Chez Shea at 408 Main Street for dessert!

We support our organic, health activists Chefs wherever we find them, however we can!

We'll be passing out cards for where people can sign up for the Pumpkin Gazette monthly newsletter during the holiday season for free recipes & health tips - all delicious and refined sugar-free. And you can buy your Pumpkin Lovers Unite tee-shirts on Cafe Press this weekend too and help spread the holiday cheer!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Upcoming Great Pumpkin Festival! Half Moon Bay, CA, Oct 19 & 20, Come Join the Fun!

Hi Pumpkin loving friends!

Last year I so enjoyed the famous Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay, CA, that I decided to be sure to come back this year - and influence some vendors to provide delicious pumpkin treats with NO refined cane or beet sugar - since I kicked both March 2012!

How is that going? Well I should have confirmation this week of a great partner for this alliance, and have a table to demonstrate delicious alternative healthy sweeteners, card to pass out for my Health Coach website, and - great tee shirts for Pumpkin Lovers Unite, of course! Look for the Announcement soon!

The Cafe Press shop will be open very soon to purchase these gifts to share the Pumpkin vibe this holiday season - and support a good cause too, my 501 c 3 nonprofit Visionary Green.

You'll be able to sign up later this month for the new free monthly "Pumpkin Gazette" for delicious pumpkin ideas and recipes, with no refined sugars - tell your friends and please help spread word!

More soon, and happy Pumpkin Season!

Kimberly and
Sita, the Halloween Akita (look for her on You Tube, "Halloween Akita Take 1", 2 & 3! It took awhile before we finally got her to be the Howl-oween Dog!)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beautiful Pt. Reyes Pumpkin Celebrating the Season!

Thanks to the famous food purveyor Tomales Bay Foods in Pt. Reyes, and staff person Michaela, for selling me this pumpkin when I feel in love with it in their beautiful food displays and just had to have it! It now adorns my kitchen counter autumn tableau - awaiting it's day to reign on my table at the Pumpkin Fest in Half Moon Bay! Thanks Michaela! :)