Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Fest 2014 - Visiting the Largest 2,000+ Pound Pumpkin in North America!

My mother was visiting me from Pittsburgh, PA, her first Pumpkin Fest. We arrived late in the warm, sunny day, just enough time to see all the top winning pumpkins of the fest. It's hard to imagine a 2,000+ pound pumpkin. It was harder yet to see it given they shroud it in secrecy and you must pay $15 to be photographed with it. (But at least it goes to a good cause, local community education funds.) We caught a glimpse from a distance. (This pic is just one of the smaller runners-up!)

This year's Fest was disappointing in that the GREAT strides made last year in having TWO organic pumpkin pies on Main Street without sugar! - sadly backslid. Both venues did NOT have organic sugar free pies this year. In fact, one venue was sold, new owner, new biz. The other - the great chef left! No pumpkin pie at all this year. Even his great pumpkin soup from last year was gone, gone, gone. Sigh. Fortunately, mom and I had plenty of homemade pumpkin pie at home to tide us through the week!