Friday, October 18, 2013

Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA Before Pumpkin Fest 2013

200,000 festive people will be crowding Main Street to celebrate all things pumpkin tomorrow in this small coastal California town. Come look for the Pumpkin Queen (me) with attending Pumpkin Princesses (Camille and Julia) this weekend 9-5 at 703 Main Street at Local FATT, the organic farmers collective and organic Cafe with THE best homemade organic veggie burgers & frites in town!

 We'll have a beautiful display of dozens of delicious natural sweeteners and alternatives to refined sugar to use in holiday cooking and baking and be there to answer questions and demonstrate how to use them. Come early to park and enjoy the day - the weather is expected to be  glorious warm and sunny! Be sure to look for possibly the ONLY organic Pumpkin Pie naturally sweetened at Cafe Chez Shea at 408 Main Street for dessert!

We support our organic, health activists Chefs wherever we find them, however we can!

We'll be passing out cards for where people can sign up for the Pumpkin Gazette monthly newsletter during the holiday season for free recipes & health tips - all delicious and refined sugar-free. And you can buy your Pumpkin Lovers Unite tee-shirts on Cafe Press this weekend too and help spread the holiday cheer!

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