Monday, October 21, 2013

The Fest 2013 Was Fantastic!

HI Pumpkin loving friends! 

Over 200,000 of us came out to celebrate the Great Pumpkin Fest in Half Moon Bay this past weekend. Isn't it amazing that 200,000 people come out to celebrate a vegetable? It is really amusing yet wonderful when you think about it. The grand weigh-off winning pumpkin was 1,900 something pounds, larger than last year's winner at 1,800 something pounds. This one featured above is a beautiful ceramic mosaic art piece that is over 1,000 pounds itself - and I'm flashing my new, first edition "Pumpkin Lovers Unite" organic t-shirt.  You too can be the first to spread pumpkin love!

The ambiance of enjoyment filled the air, people just LOVE the Festival, and were having great fun all around. The diversity was great, people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, out enjoying all things pumpkin, strolling the street amusements, art and crafts, food and drink - Hallelujah for the harmonizing effect of pumpkin - it's true - "pumpkin lovers unite" from around the world. 
It's so great to see this many people just out enjoying the simple things of life.

People were pleasant, mellow, friendly - helping take cute pictures of each other clambering over pumpkins, being polite and helpful to each other - pumpkin really IS a mood optimizer! 

Have great pics and more to share asap - will import great pics to share with you - and will be expanding the Cafe Press store selections very soon too, and the first Pumpkin Gazette newsletter via email will be out by Halloween. Be sure to sign up and check back this weekend! xoxo Kimberly